Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bugs in the Garden - Gatekeeper Butterfly

I have read up and found that this is a male Gatekeeper Butterfly.  There have been several around the garden.  This one is basking in the sunshine on the holy tree just behind the marjoram which they are on..  I love the two figure of 8 on each forewing.  It was still cold from the low temperatures overnight, and I caught this on my early morning slug and snail hunt yesterday.

Hurrah for the Cherry Season

I love cherries....and was invited to by my friend Roz for the afternoon on Tuesday to pick cherries.  I am a climber, have always been.  I brought these bright shiny, ripe,  cooking cherries home......

After a full morning stoning, to give 2.75Kg fruit, and 2 Kg sugar, and three lemons, and an afternoon pot stirring....

I cracked some stones, and put the small kernels in the jam, so when it is dreary and wet, out will come this delicious concoction, and whether it is to make a lovely tart with frangipane, or to be put with yogurt, I shall remember the lovely afternoon spent picking cherries.  Roz also told me how she uses it with duck breasts, how delicious.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bugs in the Garden - Ladybirds

The ladybird I watched eating away at the blackfly on the Clematis, is multiplying...and the greenfly and blackfly are under control...hurrah!

I've enjoyed watching the insects in the garden, and also other wild life.  A few years ago I bought Ladybirds by Majerus and Kearns, Naturalists Handbooks 10.  However to share in the enjoyment why not link into UK Ladybirds.  They have two very good sheets helping to identify ladybirds and their larvae, and explain life cycles.  This would be a lovely summer holiday for any of your little budding entomologists.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Echeveria Elegans multiplying

The trough full of Echeveria Elegans

My lovely new pot bought from a potter at the Alnmouth Open Studios with a filling of well draining compost and a layer of grit, with little offsets hopefully ready to root down into the growing medium.

And here is one I prepared last year, which is now filling out.

And here is the trough in flower earlier this year

Buscot House and Gardens

A drive to Swindon to view sofas, which was not successful, was made a little better for a lovely drive back through the Cotswolds.  We stopped at Buscot House and Gardens, had a picnic lunch, a saunter round the walled garden, and a tour round the house. We've visited many times, and the plantings in the walled garden and the orchards are maturing.

I love the clock tower above the old stables.

 Great plantings

Long borders with a dramatic backdrop of trees.

We sat and chatted and enjoyed the long views.