Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Few Days away - Final Part Brighton's Majestic English Elms

Look! There is no use of photoshop or any clever digital shenanigans here. I'll let you into a secret: to get this effect, drop the camera, cuss and catch it before it hits the ground somehow pressing the 'take the picture' button at the same time.

Leaving for a gentle walk after our evening meal, we went in search of the wonderful English Elms which line some roads and squares in the Centre of Brighton. We had heard some time ago about these trees and how the Council had taken fierce steps to protect them. It has really paid off. To think these majestic trees were once common around the Country.

During the day, our trip took us along the south coast via the Severn Sisters with a stop there. It was a really hot day, and there was only a slight breeze coming off the sea.

We made the most of our stop at Eastbourne: people watching from seats on a beach cafe. Children on a day trip were picnicking, and after collecting pale stones wrote the name of their town or school.

After this, we headed on to Hastings, and enjoyed exploring the back streets and had an excellent lunch in a Spanish Restaurant whilst sipping on a jug of cool sangria. It just seemed right on a hot and sunny day.

During the morning of our last day in Brighton, we explored the local museum, and then after a lunch in an 'American Diner', we headed off home, with a few hours stop in Chichester. We certainly explored a new area during these four days.

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