Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New Baking Tins means better baking

Several years ago I bought what has continued to be my best baking tray from a Kitchen shop in Cirencester, which never warps or buckles.  As I have been doing more baking recently I decided to replace some of my older tins which had started to loose their non stick: I bought a new very heavy non stick baking sheet and tray baking tin from a local store.  However I was so disappointed that after a short time in the oven, there was  the undeniable sound of the tin warping.  I went on line and did my research and found to my delight that my best baking tray was made by Silverwood, which is still manufactured and in the UK too nearby in Birmingham. .  Whilst ordering some tins from Salamander I had to get a Madeleine tin too...but one from France.

So with my recent new recipe books, and old favourite recipes, I have been adjusting the amounts of ingredients to fit the new tins.  This is a honey, almond and raisin cake.  I cut it into three and freeze two portions.  That way there is cake for another time, and we can have a variety.

The madeleines too were light and tasty and really have to be eaten the same day they are made.

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