Monday, 18 May 2015

Ninos Envueltos

I am just so laid back after my holiday, I feel no pressure, I am relaxed, but the converse of this is that I am falling behind with my usual routine.  Don't get me wrong, the washing and ironing are up to date, the house cleanish, the garden I just cannot keep up as it is growing up so fast.  Since I started on the Facebook challenge I have kept up to date with the current bakes, whilst trying to catch up.  But I have fallen behind because of this 'mood'.

As soon as I had arranged with Penny and little Daniel to come round, I knew that I wanted to bake these little swirly buns, these Ninos Envueltos from Jane Mason's Book.  I managed to do a few things during the various risings.  If you want to know a little more about them, and I know you will be getting the book, because it is so full of fabulous buns, then you can have a peep at Self Raising Flowers article which I have linked to above.

For the filling I chose my latest preserve made on Friday:  Apricot conserve, and used a few more sliced almonds.  In the end I patted the dough out to shape, started with a big dollop of apricot.

then started adding more

and when it was covered added some flaked almonds

I was meant to get 16, but only managed to cut 14, obviously I had not stretched the long roll sufficiently, or patted wide enough.  The directions give slices 1cm wide, well that is quite tricky to cut them this thin.  Whilst they were baking little Daniel was snoozing in his push chair in the hall.

Once awake, Daniel went to explore the garden, we found a little frog, then came back for a snack

then on to the park for his first ride on the zip wire, then swings, slides etc.  I've gone and promised more buns for the next visit but warned that they may be savoury.

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