Thursday, 28 April 2016

Zig Zag Socks

There are many reasons for my lack of posts recently....having come back from holidays I am yet to post about that...and that seems to be causing an impasse.  Its not that I have been indolent, au contraire, I have been forging on with my crafts.  I have felt more like doing, rather than writing about doing.

However I love that my blog is a record of things I love doing, seeing, friends, visits etc.  A friend who dips into Kenilworth happened to came round a couple of weeks ago, and mentioned my Crassula, so it was with that lovely succulent, that I posed my latest pair of socks to come off the needles..two circular ones of course!  I have written of course about my Crassula Falcata Budhas's Temple before, and the ones with the socks are the third generation.

The pattern is a Drops Design called DROPS 112-15, maybe it has a proper name to be assigned.  I think maybe Budha's Socks would not be quite appropriate..just zig zag socks.  If anyone can think of a better name, do post below, and I shall send it on to Drops, and see if they would like to adopt it.

As usual I made a few adaptations as the pattern....making them longer in the leg, and a little slimmer in the foot.  That is the joy of knitting, really well fitted garments are possible.


  1. Just catching up on a bit of blog reading and admiring your knitting! (I love the workshop post, btw) These socks remind me of a pattern I knit a few times for my hero: Jaywalker? Supposedly inspired by crossing the road! I agree 100% that the fit is the absolute win when wearing handknit socks in particular. Love them!

  2. I've just looked up Jaywalker, and the effect is very similar. There are no little holes in Jaywalker. I think I knitted that pattern years ago, and it was to replace those that this pair was knitted. Ten years or so isn't bad for a pair of socks which are worn and washed weekly at least 500 wears!