Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Day out with Friend

Its Rita's birthday this week....she's a year older than she was last year!After conferring, Rita chose a visit to Baddesley Clinton, which is our nearest National Trust House as her birthday treat.
On Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed our drive through the glorious Warwickshire countryside. The oak trees are showing their best summer dark green leaves.
The main car park looked pretty full, and I would have to park quite a long way from the house, so I decided to drive up to the disabled parking, close by the ticket office. I said to Rita that we would need keep all her energy for the house, and if needed I would move the car, when we had found her a seat.

At the desk, I explained that I was bringing my friend for her birthday treat, and that I had parked but had no disabled badge, to spare my friends legs. When I asked if I needed to move, not only was I awarded with a smile and 'that will be fine', when I produced my NT card and wallet to pay for Rita, we were told that Rita was to be their guest for the day. She was really charmed by this.

I bought the house guide, which really added to our enjoyment of the tour. Rita managed all the stairs, and with seats available in many areas, certainly did not want to miss any rooms out. After a very interesting tour of the house, yes I did notice the embroidered bedspread in the Blue Room, which on further enquiry I found to be mainly Elizabethan, we sat down for a birthday tea in the grassed area close to the old stables. We enjoyed scones and tea, then ice cream, whilst several mallards walked around searching for and also being fed crumbs.

Finally we walked around the garden, where the peonies were looking splendid. Rita was even game for a walk down to the vegetable garden, which was very well tended. Close by the glass houses we saw a very large yew tree covered in small white roses, it must have been Himalayan Musk or Kifsgate. As I was taking pictures, someone offered to take a picture of us together.

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