Friday, 5 June 2009

Hand made box

Going each week to the Kenilworth WI Craft Group, under the guidance of our expert needlewoman, I've now advanced beyond sewing on the odd shirt button!

I look a picture of the embroidery just as it came off the hoop.

There was much measuring, and cutting out of card, and fabric, glueing etc, before getting to the stage of using the curved needle. Between the weekly get togethers, a little work is expected, and some evenings instead of knitting, I like to spend some time on my current sewing/craft project. All shapes and sizes of boxes were made by different members of the group. I wanted to make a box to hold some lovely hankerchiefs which I have. My mother used to give me some nice ones from time to time, and now I have some of her old ones too. They are the sort of small things which I like to collect or stash away. I do use them too.

Here is the finished box, with its little glass bead, which I bought from the new bead shop which has opened in Kenilworth on Warwick Road.

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