Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Learning easy patchwork with small projects

Having done a small number of sewing projects, I am starting to find them leading me towards patchwork. I have several friends who have started and got much further than me, but I know that for now, I need to develop some basic needle skills.

I had been thinking of a birthday present for a friend, and browsing through a book from the library, I came across a pin cushion. The technique is based on Cathedral Window Patchwork. I looked through my stash and found a beautiful piece of wool, woven in the Cotswolds, and also a lovely old silk tie. Both sides have a inset, and boy is silk slippery. I wanted the silk so remain soft so didn't want to use bondaweb or similar. I ended up having to tact it right across the surface before turning the edges over.

It took me all day...yes no washing up etc, and nearly every room in the house had been used. Half an hour before Mr S was due home, I was still at it, but managed to have a big tidy up in time.

The next day I placed the pincushion on the mantelshelf to admire, and I was tickled pink to hear Mr S say he thought that my friend J had sent it to me, and how nice it was. The reason he thought this, was that it was propping up a postcard from J!

Anyway J now has the pincushion and some special pins, so I can now post this.

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