Monday, 11 March 2013

Wool Dressing Gowns made by Melin Tregwynt in Britian

Made in Britain....that is what we have been trying so much more to support.  So when we were planning our Christmas last year sometime in September,  we thought carefully about what we would do for Christmas Presents to each other.  We decided no Christmas Presents....but Mr S fancied a new dressing gown, and has been for some time. Thus I started my quest...

It was hard at first to track down the sort of dressing gown which would was for the winter time and now that he is converted to wool, it had to be wool, interesting to look at, lovely colours etc...definetely made in Britain. 

It took me two months before I found Melin Tregwynt...A company based in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  I have often been drawn to the beautiful woven welsh blankets in Museums and in antique shops, and could not believe our luck, when we found that Melin Tregwynt have taken the double sided woven wool fabric and have brought in designs and colours giving a bang up to date image which top designers are now using.  We looked at the fabrics on line, and phoned and spoke to Steven who over the following weeks became a familiar voice.  There are so many different designs to choose from and with different colours, which give a different effect depending which side of the fabric is used, and each gown is made to order.

Steven suggested he send us some samples....and when I saw them, decided I would like one too.  I had no warm winter dressing gown, and we could imagine ourselves sat out in the conservatory having lazy breakfasts, and late evenings snuggled down.  No mobile phones, ipads, electronic gadgets etc for us this past Christmas, but sheer dressing gown indulgence. They will still be functional when most gadgets will have been superceeded. 

When the samples arrived we had fun placing them on each other, and eventually I chose a fabric with some of my favourite colours...and for Mr M a rich warm colour.

The dressing gowns are made for each order, and take three or so weeks to turn around.  I love the intricate design of the fabric in my dressing gown, the sleeves are long with turns ups, which I add an extra turn when getting the breakfast ready, but we are still in the honeymoon period with the dresssing gowns, and no washing up is done as I am keeping mine as new as possible...they are hand washable, but wanting to keep this dressing gown for years and years, do not really want to be washing it too often.

Mr M loves rich tones, and looks great in his dressing gown....he cannot believe how comfortable it is, the wool is soft and very comfortable, even when it is reasonbly warm....

The design and cut is faultless, with a great shape on the collar.

These dressing gowns are a treat, a luxury, a wonderful item to feel warm and pampered in.  Forget the thought of the onesie, these are the elegant, warm, and grown up answer to feeling comfortable during this wintery weather. 

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