Saturday, 1 November 2014

In the end I was not afraid to.....

Wednesday I wondered whether I would, Thursday I still did not know, then I went to Waitrose to pick up some little fun packs of sweets, and then I found the little something which stirred me into action.

With some little cutters, and some spooky plates, I baked on Friday.  Iced and got my goodies ready.

I used two of Mary Berry's Biscuit dough Recipes:  the animal biscuit and gingerbread man one.  The ginger breads spread too much, so used the cutter on the cooked biscuits a second time.

The animal cookie biscuit recipe was just perfect.  Normally I am not an iced biscuit sort of person, but made ghosts with currant eyes, bats with cherry eyes,  and scratched a smile in the pumpkins.  I was rather delighted that the children were really excited by the biscuits, and some little boy even said,  'Wow, you baked some specially for us!'  It became the norm for me to say if you have a cookie you also ought to have some sweeties too.  The white ghosts were the favourites and several plates full went.

D scoured the shops for a pumpkin but arrived home empty handed, but he still made a good display in the front window with fairy lights, flashing red lights etc.  We stopped for tea and cookies

What was surprising was that despite it being so warm, we had less than half the callers compared to last year.  I took to going down the road to my older neighbours to give them some biscuits.  I had made extra undecorated ones.

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