Sunday, 25 January 2015

Krentenbollen Last bake in the old oven

During the week, I was catching up with back bakes from the book of buns.  Mr S was going to have a very early start Friday leaving just around 6 am, and needed a flask and something to eat.  Leafing through the book, I read about Krentenbollen which it says is practically the national dish in The Netherlands.  As  I am also planning various routes around Amsterdam for Vicki's and my visit there later this spring, thought it would be ideal one to try.  We even talked about this, and made a note to find a bakery on our route.

With 400g of flour, and 400g of fruit they are indeed very fruity.  The fruit was soaked in sherry, and with the grated orange and lemon peel, you end up with a big sausage ready to cut up into 12 buns

The explanation and techniques for shaping are so easy to follow.

Delicious with a cup of coffee.

Today however, when I was about to bake our little pizzas for lunch, I found that my oven just would not rise beyond the simmering level of flame.  After various booklets were leafed through, panels removed from the oven, the internet explored, and  the previous experience of having been told that the cooker was discontinued in 2001, and no spares are held, the conclusion was that a new cooker is needed!

In the meantime remembering the earlier Pirozhkis, the pesto, pumpkin and mozzarella covered dough was made into parcels

and were dry fried on the top of the cooker

so we were able to have some lunch after all.  These four were the 'remainders'.


  1. Oh, I sense a new adventure on the horizon - if that's how getting used to a new oven could be regarded?! But in the meantime, lucky Mr S to be sent off with such treasure in his bag. I hope my Hero doesn't read this...;-)

  2. The dutch do make some great dough based delights and those look especially tasty. (Could do with one just now!)
    Heather :)