Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Pirozhki is one of the January recipes from The Book of Buns by Jane Mason given out on the Facebook page.  Again I felt that nervous mental tremor when I am about to do something out of my comfort zone.  So for me, feeling the pressure to keep up with the bakes has led me to making some very delicious bakes that I would have otherwise missed out on.

Even Mr S laughed at me when I said what was in them...what two carbohydrates?  I tend to have that rule when planning meals, for example we never have chips and bread and butter.  Now I know there are people for whom fish and chips are just not right without the bread and butter, and maybe making a 'butty' at the end of the meal.   But then I guess if your total carbohydrate input does not increase, ie each portion is small that is OK.  If fact maybe I have been missing something all these years!

The dough is made up with milk and eggs, so is fairly nutritious.

The filling in this recipe is along the lines of a Polish Pirozhki, though I read with interest Jane's comments that these are found all over Eastern Europe, Central Asia and into Greece, and there must be so many types of different fillings.  My little addition to the filling recipe of onions, potatoes and dill were some extra dill seeds.  I so love the flavour of dill.

You just roll out small portions of the dough, and gather it up around the filling,  and leave to rest, seam side down.  I used a little semolina flour on the outside, as I like its grittiness. After resting again, into the frying pan.

I used just sufficient oil to stop sticking, and used two frying pans at a time.  You really need to leave room or they will stick together.  There were four pan fulls.

I felt the edges needed a little more balanced them..

I allowed some to cool ready for chilling.

 The rest were taken to the Monday evening art class, where colour was the theme of the day.  On Tuesday I reheated some to have with a big bowl of soup for lunch.  Really different and delicious.

We made our own colour wheel, and then a still life.  I chose some lovely tulips from a huge bunch, and a lovely art deco vase.  I chose to use a naive style...this allowed a little time to play...


  1. They look lovely, they made my tummy growl.

  2. WOW!!! Noelle, your art is wonderful!!! And your artistic outlet (is that the right word?) or expression seems to be boundless!!!

    I particularly LOVE the tulip picture and the blue and green abstract one is absolutely beautiful too!

    I would hang either or both on my wall, so if you are ever thinking of parting with them because you run out of storage space or don't want them on your own walls, have painted so many that you don't know what to do with them.... (?!!!),... there would be a grateful receiver here...!!

    Keep painting and drawing!!!

  3. The Pirozhki look absolutely mouthwatering!!!

    I've "eaten" them with my EYES!!!

    As well as the other delicious-looking cakes and breads posted on your blog Noelle! (must get round to making that almond and orange cake!!)

    To anyone out there who can't eat any wheat or any other cereals at the moment,, try out eating with your eyes!!!

    Yes, try it! Just look at the pictures of wonderful recipes or actual bread, cakes etc. or the food itself, in a lovely cake shop or bakery and try to exercise self-control... I do it! I go into our wonderful local bakery/patisserie in Montjuic, Girona where I live, about a dozen types of breads made from alls sorts of flours and about 15 different types of little and big cakes are sold there... and I eat them with my eyes!! I just admire them, like looking at art in a gallery... I look at them and think "wow, so much work have gone into them... how delicious they look and the shapes, textures and colours and of course the smell of fresh bread is just...the best thing since sliced bread...!!!". I imagine myself eating different bread or cakes, I visualise myself enjoying it and feeling satisfied!!! Oh, and I can have a coffee, an individual cereal-free almond and chocolate cake!!! Lol!!!

    Feel happy for the people who enjoy cooking it and also enjoy eating it!

    Be grateful for the nutritious food you CAN eat and enjoy it and feel nourished!

    Accept the present situation, and knowing that nothing lasts for ever, that everything changes and will change one way or another, you never know! Our body goes through changes constantly, (at a cellular level...) and our body made up of these billions of cells etc.. may be able to tolerate those wonderful starchy foods at a later date!!!

    Yes, everything in life is possible!!! Remember that!

  4. Those look like January food from here!
    Heather :)