Friday, 6 February 2015

More good reads

Its great working as a volunteer at the local library.  As I shelve or select for others, I come across books, from authors new to me, and of course I read the synopsis.  This one had just been left on the counter by a previous volunteer for a customer and I had to complete the choices.  That day I also had  a couple of books on William Blake, on order and ready for me to pick up from the lending library upstairs.  How about that for serendipity.  ...just finished this one.

Again with another novel with the theme of William Blake.  I would really recommend this one.

Another well written novel well worth reading, featuring William Blake is Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier.  Both these novels help the 'non academic' and someone who enjoys placing people in their time to understand living conditions and the historic context of William Blake's life.

From Beryl Kingston's site I copy this across:

"I have been awarded this year's Blake Society Tithe Grant award 2014 for one of my 'Proverbs of Hell'.

Incorruptible plastic proves the value of decay. 

Congratulations Mrs Kingston, I shall be borrowing other books by this author very soon.

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