Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Pogacsa from The Book of Buns

First you make the dough following the recipe in the Book of Buns,

250g flour, and 200g butter,  egg yolk, sour cream, but changed to goat's double cream with lemon juice added in this instance ....that is very rich, but such a coincidence that yesterday when I was making these,  on the news they are telling us that butter is not bad.  Thank goodness I had already bought my butter, I hope there will not be rush on it with the ensuing empty shelves.  We now use all goat and sheep dairy produce so maybe it will be only cow produce which will fly off the shelves.

Then I weighed the goats cheddar type cheese, and the Pecorino Romana, and I realised that these would definitely have to be rationed.

I cut some into small pieces then had the inspiration to cut a few small heart shaped ones with a dusting of smoked paprika to have as a canape for Valentine's Day.

The remainder got squished up and made for the 'Baker's Treat'.

The majority are in the freezer...just look at the lovely lamination.

Another delicious recipe.  With the high calorific content this will be only a very occasional bake, but it is absolutely yummy.  Everyone else on the facebook page has had a great success with these, and one person even asked me if she could copy my heart shaped ones for Valentine's Day.  How nice to hear that my idea has given inspiration, and also to have an acknowledgement.

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