Sunday, 1 November 2015

Pan de Muerto and other halloween bakes

After spending Friday evening baking for all our little trick and treaters.....

ghosts and mummies, and flavoured with added panettone essence and colouring for the icing.  Not quite enough, as over 50 kids later, we ran out.  They were not deterred by the cobwebs and spiders, flashing lights and pumpkin we had to advertise that we had treats waiting.

It definitely was time to do some Fetes des Morts baking for ourselves.  Jane Mason had suggested that we try Pan de Muerto from Mexico.  Traditionally it is celebrated there on the 1st and 2nd November, so having started this overnight from Saturday, I was definitely keeping any evil spirits at bay!  I scaled down her recipe given in All you Knead is Bread, and made them bun sized.  For everything proportioned to 3 eggs, I made 10 buns...and invited a near neighbour Lita to come and enjoy a cuppa and bun this afternoon.  I would add more anise and orange flower water next time.  The buns are soft, rich and delicious, similar to brioche...very jummy!  Think died and gone to heaven!

At the same time, well overnight and then baked by 5 p.m., another version of Jane's Virtuous Loaf , using wheat sourdough and Swiss Dark Flour from Shipton Mill, another lovely loaf for the week's sandwiches.


  1. I shall have to come and visit your house for next years halloween!!

    1. If you are ever out this way, you are welcome Halloween or not, usually have some interesting buns in the freezer, and they can be extricated and warmed up at short notice! My garden is nowhere near as wonderful as your though! But Kenilworth Castle Gardens are worth a visit, also there are a few gardens in the garden scheme open during the summer including my friends' Bob and Liz Watson, so hope to see you sometime Brian and partner.