Sunday, 21 February 2016


For our mid February Challenge from the Book of Buns, we are making Bublik.  Eaten all over Eastern Europe and Russia, these are a sweetish bun which needs to be poached for thirty seconds before it is baked.

I enjoyed making these, even though I did not allow for the fact that they continue to rise in the oven, and I had not made the central hole quite large enough.

Of course as this recipe said poppy seeds, I was more than happy to pile them on about as thickly as possible on top of the egg glaze, as I could.

I do not normally have any supper, preferring to have a glass of water only, once dinner is over with. 

However I had baked these late and the smell was heavenly.  I love seeds, and particularly poppy seeds which I always used to try to sneak onto my loaves until Mr S said he preferred them without!  We enjoyed one each with a glass of milk, and found the flavour really lovely, and the texture soft and fluffy, and Mr S loved the poppy seeds.

It was light enough to sit out in the conservatory this morning at 8:30am, and we love to take full advantage of natural daylight.  Mr S set out breakfast, with tea and coffee, and fruit, with the warmed sliced bun with a sliver of butter and my home made apricot jam...perfect for a lovely Sunday morning breakfast together. 

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