Sunday, 28 February 2016

Chutneys...a repeat of the Mango Chutney very nearly

With just about perfect mangoes being on sale in Sainsbury's it is not a surprise that my latest batch of chutney was to be mango chutney.

The last of my batch of Mango Chutney made last summer has been eaten up, and since chutneys need to mature it is time to get chopping again.  I followed the same recipe as posted there, except that I did not use the sweet red pepper, but added more of my home grown and dried chilies.

Mango Chutney is so easy to make as the mangoes are easy to chop up.  In no time at all small pieces just the right size are ready to go into the pot with all the spices and other ingredients.

One thing I am getting better at is preparing the labels, and getting the pots off the kitchen counter into the preserves cupboard.

Just to say that I must be in the mood for making chutneys as I also made a few jars of courgette chutney being enticed by lovely courgettes at our Kenilworth greengrocer Joe Richards.  Except for some dark spicy chutneys, and one of my favourites:  Pear and Walnut Chutney, I am now well stocked for the coming year.  I seem to be repeating myself here...maybe it is time I got out some of my chutney and preserve books to find something new to try...any suggestions?

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