Monday, 2 May 2016

Needle Crafts

A project which I finished just before Easter at our regular WI craft groups is this 'sewing box'.  There was much cutting, gluing, and sewing with a curved needle.  For the top, I made a dorset button inspired handle, and have started to gather a few things to put in it.

When you take the lid off, the box opens up to reveal little areas to slip in tools, and threads, and a little pin cushion in the middle.

A few years ago, at the same group, led by Kay the leader of our branch of the WI, and amongst other things a wonderful needle woman, who has been known to haunt many a Goldwork course at Denman College,  I made the large 'house wife roll', and needle case.  Luckily I had quite a large amount of the fabric in my stash.

Our very latest project is just starting off, and I am coming to grips, with not letting my threads twist.  So if anyone can give me any tips, I shall be pleased to hear from you.


  1. No tips to offer but plenty of admiration for your etui box! I smiled as I read further though, about the "housewife" roll, because I suppose I'd have been around 8 or 9 when I was given a book with a pattern for a "pocket hussif" in it. I was desperate to make it but we never had the right materials on hand (and I don't suppose my Mum was that enthusiastic about the idea!) so I just dreamed and ogled the page every so often. I don't think I've come across such a thing since - except that I guess your "housewife" roll is the same idea? I must investigate!

  2. Its nice to have a 'suite' of sewing things....if only to have a project to sew!