Sunday, 11 September 2016

Peperechas - a sweet bun with red topping from El Salvador

After our Summer Break our moderators on the Facebook page have set us a lovely welcome back bake.  It was Sonya's turn and she chose Peperechas which is given on page 142 of Jane Mason's The Book of Buns.

I wonder whether Kelloggs was inspired by these when they came up with Pop Tarts.  Peperechas is the slang word...the same as tart is the slang word for .....!

Jane Mason is a well traveled writer and has been inspired to bring us recipes from around the World, currently living in Central America.  Baking through the bun recipes is a bit like baking around the world in 50 bun recipes.

This might not have been a recipe I would have tried, as it does look rather sugar laden, but being in the group really does make one try!  I didn't have any mozzarella in the fridge, so I used some soft goat's cheese.  I then used my little bottles of food dye to come up with the right shade of dark red plum coloured sugar to match the jam.  The jam I used was from a recent batch of plum, which included lime and a little rum!  The recipe is very easy to follow, and I went and cut 16 buns out of my flat slab of layered dough cheese and jam and coverings, just because I had made the first cut down the middle rather than one third...but for us 1/16 was just fine...

So this Friday Bun day I invited Liz, a well traveled friend to come and enjoy tea and buns in the conservatory!  Sadly Liz has yet to go to El Savador so for her too this was the first taste of Peperechas.  They are delicious.

Having baked this sweet sandwiched bun, I feel inspired to devise a savoury version....I am sure they already exist, but it will be fun making up a more savoury dough, and finding interesting fillings: maybe cheese, smoked salmon and herbs?

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