Monday, 2 December 2019

In a Vase on Monday - First Hard Frost

I've let myself off today.  Early on it was obvious that there had been the first hard frost, even without stirring, I knew this as I could hear a windscreen being scrapped of ice.  Sunrise was colourful, and as we sat having our breakfast the colours were being reflected off the tessellated  icy surface of the birdbath.  First time this year there has been frost in the back garden, and still it has not reached under the shelter of the Oak.

Ever since the summer an arrangement of Quaking Grass: Briza Maxima, in a cloisonne vase, has been floating around the house.  For the moment it is in the dining room and at last it has its place on IAVOM.

The reflection is of a Wild Australian Cockatoo.  I bought a pair of prints some time ago and love the saying on the leaves:

This is an extract from the The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

I could be going down the garden path later, instead I am working on my socks the pattern is called Garden Path Socks!  This isn't the first time I've knitted this pattern.

After reading some Musings by Alan Titchmarsh

 I am still waiting for my Book-club's next read for December to arrive, and during that wet weather felt in need of a little escape, and found a novel by Alan on the shelves.  I have enjoyed both books.  With the Grand Tour, it got me looking up old photographs from our first Grand Tour of Italy over 25 years ago, and then checking out places Mr Gandy visited on the internet...I enjoyed this 'no air miles' holiday.

I wonder what Cathy will have posted this we go: yes it is something small and sweet, and also linked into Cathy's post are comments and contributions from myself and many others.


  1. The sunrise is gorgeous, the Quaking Grass looks wonderful in that blue vase and I love the prints.

  2. That is a spectacular sunrise! The grass vase is wonderful too. I've got one of my own, containing stems of bunny tail grass, that's at least 2 years old. I've been watching episodes of Love Your Garden starring Mr Titchmarsh on You Tube of late (there being no garden shows worth watching on US TV anymore) - he's a lovely man.

  3. Your Briza is still in great shape! It's one of my favourite grasses and thankfully part of our meadow. We didn't have a serious frost up to now so some tender things are still outside. Have a nice December :)