Thursday, 8 November 2018

Down the Garden Path Socks

 Loved the name of this pattern...and very easy to knit too, after I had worked out a few simple corrections to the pattern.  As usual transcribing the pattern to graph paper and colour coding stitches helped me to read the chart easily and follow my progress.  These socks were mainly knitted up during those moments when you have to sit down a little:  waiting for coffee to cool, sitting keeping Mr S company when he is watching TV or listening to the radio.

Without wearing the socks myself and contorting myself in order to take a reasonable shot of the socks, its difficult to show off socks that have matching but 'opposite' patterns on the outside of the foot. Are they mirror images?  Each pattern for each sock is different.  There is therefore a right sock and a left sock.

For a long time I have been admiring the wooden sock and stocking forms or blockers in Museums, and were aware that there were modern ones in plastic.  Of course they are quite unnessary when knitting socks...but its a great way of showing off the patterns of socks such as these.  I was delighted to source some nicely made ones. 

There is a tiny little problem in that I like to knit long socks...but the maker has pointed out that as I am interested, they may start to make longer versions.  I just love the little sheep and stars that came in the package too.

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