Friday, 14 September 2007

Privacy or what, learning curves

Just realised that all and sundry would be able to read my blog just by searching on Google with my blog name. I'm just not ready to expose myself and the ones I love to the whole world. This is a learning curve, and the next thing I need to learn is how to tell the select band of friends and family how to find my blog. I'll need to think of ways of keeping it interesting so that they will look in from time to time. So if any of you do look in, let me know if anything is interesting and if you would like more on the various subjects which interest you.

Its really knitting which got me into all of this: wanting to look for fabulous yarns, then taking digital pictures of my efforts and sending them to other knitting friends.

Then of course bread making and for friends from the various areas, maybe you will get to know more about my other sides!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Back to new home

Well it is really truly great to be back home. Its going to take time to feel anything like normal after the last couple of months, which have been very sad and trying at times. To turn to the brighter side of things, this is now home. Dunsford Close has been sold and the new owners have moved in.

The best thing coming out of my trip to Mauritius to sort out some things at my late mother's home, is the knowledge that I have a very loving youngest sister. Our new shared motto is Caring is Sharing, and Sharing is Caring....started with sharing a local mini sweet pineapple....and kept us going by sharing memories, hopes for the future etc.

The weather was so cool that Jenny from Spain appreciated my hand knitted socks, and hand knitted cashmere and silk scarf, so I now have some gift ideas for my new knitting projects.