Thursday, 26 May 2011


We arrived at St George Paphos after a very short transfer from the airport. After a rest, we had our first walk along the quiet beach front promenade.


This picture was taken across an adjacent garden towards our room. If this was a postcard I could mark the room with an X. It felt cooler than England, but then we were in the throws of a very early summer back home. We explored the grounds and had a short walk, but then not being well, we went back to our room for me to have a rest, in readiness for dinner.

I could see that there was a wide variety of interesting plants growing along the coast and looked forward to sorties on following days: this picture of flower buds of wild leek or onion type plant silhouetted against the evening sky seemed to sum up my mood that evening.

As the holiday progressed, and the cossetting offered by the hotel worked its magic charm, my mood lifted.

Reasons for the long absence

Is there an excuse? Is there a reason?

Well if I had really felt like writing, I could have made the time, but somehow lots of things crept in to fill the time, or I have been hit with inertia. I have even given up one of my cherished afternoon activities, as I felt everything crowding me up.

For those who did not know, my father in law died just days before we went on holiday. So the holiday in Cyprus which was a last minute 'substitute' for the great birthday treat for hubby which was to have been Egypt, felt very strange. On top on this I was poorly for a couple of days before and a few days into our holiday. Since our return, I have been supporting Mr S and helping out where I can, to help to make his burden lighter.

On a lesser note my camera became very sick towards the end of the holiday. It made me realise just how much it contributed to my enjoyment of all things visual. As soon as I got home, I checked the guarantee, first panicking when I just could not get my mind straight to even look and find all the items I needed. Over a few hours, as I tidied up, I found all that I needed, and realised I was just one week out of guarantee. Luckily I bought it from our local independent camera shop. I went in there to see if it could be serviced. To cut a long story short, the camera was dispatched to Germany and was returned fully operational, and serviced free in good faith. I was able to download the photographs too! Today I went in there to say how happy I was with all the help....I even spied a suitable little present in the shop to cheer Mr S.

Only a few days after father in law's funeral, we heard that Mr S's eldest sister's husband had passed away.

There has been much to do, as well as contemplating lives lived and lives yet to be lived. Thanks to many friends and family members for their kind thoughts and support.

I have had both of my sisters over staying on and off over the past few weeks.