Sunday, 6 February 2011

January slips into February

Where has all the time gone......trying to sort out new phone providers, planning breaks and holidays for the year.....and reading. I've just finished Corduroy Mansions by Alexander Mc Call Smith. I've enjoyed picking the book up and reading the short chapters. The links from person to person is clever.

There has been several bright spots.
We had a lovely Sunday with the Ws which included a walk to see the ducks and geese in Abbey Fields. I persuaded everyone to walk back via the fields, which were lovely and peaceful, but which led to my spending 20 minutes in the garden washing off the pushchair wheels, and the following day, spending 30 minutes cleaning the mud off our shoes. After giving my head a huge bash on the metal poles which I was ducking under whilst pushing the pram, I felt quite dazed the second day.....and cleaning the shoes was about all I was fit for.
Some knitting friends came over for crochet, tea and cake. I made gluten free treats. Later in the week, I made some extra ones, and gave a selection to my friend Julian who lives just round the corner. These coconut cakes were made using a recipe on the side of the packet of the rice flour.

Julian kindly picks up any bulk suma orders from our group in Coventry and he is also the provider of surplus produce such as apples. When he came to deliver my order, and collect his biscuits, I was taking out my batch of bread from the oven. Since then I've made a 100% wholemeal loaf for his dad Ron. I think we are about to start up a good exchange: home made bread in exchange for wonderful home grown produce. Its not too difficult for me to bake extra, and for Julian to sew or harvest a little extra for me.