Wednesday, 23 November 2016

New Home

I feel frazzled.....We had several months when we did not know what was happening, found one house, which was withdrawn from the market two weeks before our expected move date, But found another home in another place altogether, and several months later we are finally snuggling down for the winter in our new home.

We are delighted with our new "City"...the smallest City in England.  It feels so friendly, and with the open countryside on our doorstep,

We can still walk into the Centre.  We have two markets each week: one on Wednesday and the other on Friday, with the most wonderful selection of locally grown and produced food.  So far we have bought sheep and goat cheeses, somerset apples and pears, and other superb vegetables....locally made salami, etc and oh some spelt sourdough bread for when the oven was not fit to use....a friend suggested that we got in a professional oven cleaner.  What a superb new!  Chris from TLC in Street was spotted pdq in the local flier!

We have met most of the neighbours, and with some lovely apples a gift from one, I made some apple buns for Bun Friday.  I was a little overgenerous with the filling with some, and decided to make a Wells Apple Bun...little wells of sweet dough stuffed with apples and spices, and sprinkled with sugar!  Invited one of our new neighbours to share our Friday Bun Day treats.