Friday, 28 March 2008

Red Onion Relish

I'd had Red Onion Relish many moons ago, and was delighted to find a recipe in Jane Sen's Book. Onions are very good for you, red onions even better, so a relish of this to add to the type of food I'm having seemed a good idea. This is the second time I've cooked this.I've adapted the recipe to use Cider Vinegar, as that is the one I should use, rather than red wine, and this time, to increase the red colour, grated in a raw beetroot. After the final simmering of 45 minutes, this is what 5 large red onions, one beetroot, olive oil, cider vinegar, honey, and spices cooks down to. Yummy!

The other benefit of making this preserve, is that it nicely masks the smell of the paint. At the same time as making this preserve, I've been applying coats of primer/undercoat in readiness for the gloss layer in the small front bedroom, which David uses as a dressing room. David who doesn't like the smell of vinegar, will probably feel that the paint nicely masks the smell of the vinegar, so as strangely he actually likes this preserve, it is win win win on all fronts!

Snow on Easter Morning

The tea fairy, who is a morning bird, was up early enough to catch this picture of snow in the garden. Yes this is Easter morning, and I just did not feel like hiding David's Easter Egg in the garden. Took it up to bed with the tea tray. By the time, he had woken up enough to look out of the window, the snow was nearly gone.
It looked lovely!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Knitted Ginger Bread House

Last Saturday was an adventure for me. First time on the train alone since coming up here, and then on to the NEC to the Stitching and Craft show. This tested my confidence. The best things were the exhibitions of course, the WI show on needlework from about the 1920's to the present had banners, cushions, wall hangings, table runner etc. The design work and craftwomanship was superb. There was so much to see, that I savoured a few items, then went out onto the stands, hoping to find things to interest me, and then back to take in a few more items and so on.
Then there was the gingerbread house, all knitted even the furnishings. There was just so much detail: the table was set for tea, with all items knitted. By the knitted stove were knitted matches and fire extinguisher and so on, the garden too outside was all knitted.

A superb display of period costumes brought over by a French man, where even the lace was hand made allowed one to see superb gowns up close. Apart from that there was lots to see and buy if you are into bead work, jewelry, sewing and card making, but sadly not much for the knitter. Anna was on her Web of Wool Stand, but as she had so many customers, and I do go to the shop frequently, did not linger there. I came back with one thing: a needle threader! Hope the Autumn Show has more stands for the knitter.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Grinding the stumps away

These two chaps finally turned up to grind away at the tree stumps. There was a huge eucalyptus just on the edge of the patio, and four further conifer trees, all of which dominated the garden and were completely out of scale. These came down late October last year.
Our fences were put up yesterday and today, and there is a small section, which will need to be made and fitted next week. Now I will be able to start sorting out the garden and the planting. Hopefully kind friends will find bits and pieces of herbaceous and perennial plants and bring them or post them on to me!

Now you can see the Pattern, Shadow Knitting

If you look at the pot holders from a low angle, you can see the pattern! I now have two new pot holders for the kitchen. The ones they are replacing are at least 15 years old. They are bar beer mats/towels. When I moved in with David he had no oven mitts, and I found that the beer towels were just the right size. With the flames from the gas cooker, the smaller square potholders are just the ticket!

Now you can't see it: Shadow Knitting

They usually say it is best to knit a swatch to check tension before starting on a big project. I thought a swatch would also be a good idea, as this was the first time I had tried this technique, and I wanted to see what the effect was with my own eyes. The pot holders seemed to be more interesting than just a swatch, so armed with light and dark double knit cotton, I started. Soon the pattern irked, so I decided to add a pattern to prevent the boredom!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Cup Cakes

Just take a look at these: eye candy or what!
Veronica made these and sent me a picture. They are just so pretty and with yellow cases too for lemon flavoured cakes for her mother on mother's day.
There is no end to this girl's talent. She made hand made cosmetics for me and is now making a wool rug!