Friday, 28 March 2008

Red Onion Relish

I'd had Red Onion Relish many moons ago, and was delighted to find a recipe in Jane Sen's Book. Onions are very good for you, red onions even better, so a relish of this to add to the type of food I'm having seemed a good idea. This is the second time I've cooked this.I've adapted the recipe to use Cider Vinegar, as that is the one I should use, rather than red wine, and this time, to increase the red colour, grated in a raw beetroot. After the final simmering of 45 minutes, this is what 5 large red onions, one beetroot, olive oil, cider vinegar, honey, and spices cooks down to. Yummy!

The other benefit of making this preserve, is that it nicely masks the smell of the paint. At the same time as making this preserve, I've been applying coats of primer/undercoat in readiness for the gloss layer in the small front bedroom, which David uses as a dressing room. David who doesn't like the smell of vinegar, will probably feel that the paint nicely masks the smell of the vinegar, so as strangely he actually likes this preserve, it is win win win on all fronts!

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