Wednesday, 23 April 2008

More views of Morocco

Mosaics and ceramics as in Ancient Times

We watched the various process from start to finish. The making of the clay tiles, the cutting, shaping, pattern making, everything hand made. The kiln was white and beautiful, and they used the remains of olive oil pressings, to fire the kilns. It felt as if time had stood still, and that the roman mosaics would have been made in the same way.

Hail and rain in Volubilis

We were promised a delightful tour of the mosaics, but soon these clouds yielded forked lightning, hailstones and heavy rain. The mosaics did look good when wet, but sadly most people got soaked, so the visit was cut short.
Rain is rarely experienced at this time of the year in Morocco, perhaps more rare than the snow which fell in Kenilworth a couple of days earlier.