Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bribes or rather presents to myself

I have never been bribed by anyone else, well not to my knowledge and not with things or money! I would never have wanted to be, and would certainly have been offended.

What you see below is what I had decided was my 'bribe' to myself. Well since I do not want to start a long line of bribes, I've now thought this over and have decided to just call them a present to myself: an indulgence in beautiful small things. A gift or a present is welcome from anyone or even oneself at any time!
There are six small beautifully made rosewood needles in a small colourful pouch. The sock needles are very pointy, not quite as bendy as bamboo needles, and I'm told pretty strong. These days I am favouring bamboo needles, but can't find the shorter sock 12.5 cm needles in a quality bamboo. Whilst knitting amongst friends last night at Web of Wool, I felt I needed a little pick up, and an incentive to start up my blog again, so spent my pocket money on these and on two cards of beautiful ceramic buttons, hand made in England by Avril Tillman. The glaze is just so beautiful, and sadly the pictures just cannot portray the texture and colours.

I love ceramics, and enjoy spending time in Museums and Galleries gazing at ceramics both ancient and modern. Except for breakages, unlike textiles, ceramics usually remain virtually undamaged by the ravages of time.

In search of knitting in Whitby

One of things I like about having a two week holiday in England, is that there is perhaps more time to spend on one's hobbies. I took up some work in progress, a couple of skeins of yarn, spare patterns, needles and even some books. Plus Diane, knitter 'par excellance', had come up with a local knitting shop: Bobbins. I wouldn't be surprised if Diane has a map up inside the door of her yarn cupboard marked with all the Yarn shops worth visiting!

Bobbins is in an old church hall in Church Street in Whitby. The old Wesley Hall opens out in a large space, where the yarns occupy one end, and a selection of old items- vintage and antique occupy the stage end. I loved the display of ganseys from along the coast, and yet again saw the Humber Star. I'm designing a baby blanket, and have decided to incorporate a number of gansey patterns, and central will be the Humber Star.

Mr S and I went a few times to the Museum, partly for me to get a look at their collection of ganseys. The first time we went the lighting was faulty, the second time it had not yet been repaired, and third time, the display had been taken down!

Not to worry though as I was put in touch with a resident who was interested in ganseys though not a knitter herself, and at her home she showed me a jumper which had been knitted up by a Whitby chap specially for her in the Whitby design and also some lovely old vintage jumpers.

The Museum did have some interesting artifacts, the knitting sticks were works of art.

On the knitting front, I managed to finish a lovely small cardi and pictured it one morning, with my growing collection of pebbles from the beach.

Then I wound up a hank of KnitWitches Welsh Mohair and silk, and started on a laminaria scarf. After two weeks back home, it is now completed, and waiting to be washed and blocked.

I love the texture of the unblocked shawl, and although this one will need to be blocked as it is the smaller version, I think I may knit the large shawl up and leave it unblocked.

How long has it been?

Its been ages since I last updated.....I've had a bit of a rest from the computer, and have left checking of emails to about once or at the most twice a week. I've concentrated on getting up to date with housework, and spending time getting myself 'planted' again into the domestic routine.

Only today, when at last I downloaded a stash of pictures, did I realise just how busy I have been. In September we had a glorious two weeks in Whitby, the weather was probably the best two weeks on the trot we have had this year, which on the whole has been disappointingly unsummery.

I needed the rest, what with having to baby sit two chaps who came to sort out some work in the garden, who may or may not turn up etc. and hence the job spanned at least one week longer than it needed to have.

I'm one of those creatures who like their nest, preferably in a neat fashion without disruption etc. The feeling were similar to those I felt when we first moved in, when all was chaos around. Now we are comfortably settled, and Mr S is starting on his new model railway project, having got most of the DIY completed.

There was also a really large plum harvest to deal with: plum jam, plum chutney, finding people to give plums to, plum puddings etc. The poor tree had such a heavy load, it split down the middle, and I have told it that after its prune, I'm allowing it to have a good rest next year. The alternative would be to have uprooted it and plant a new tree, but I've decided to give it a chance.