Saturday, 3 November 2018

Haworthia venosa subs tessellata

After repotting the three plants in July 2017, the colony of Haworthia venosa subs tessellata is now well established, with more offsets emerging through the layer of grit.  I had almost forgotten about this pot until I mentioned to a friend that I had only one of the half  pots from Whichford Pottery.  I had been on a visit there with a gardening friend from Kenilworth, and had only bought the one...of course, now I wish I had bought a few.  Its one of my little treasures.  I went in search for it around the garden, then thought of looking in the house.  

During the very hot and sunny days, some of the leaves had been slight stressed by direct sun, and the plant had been moved to a more favourable position out of direct sunlight.  This is an easy succulent to grow, and although slow growing is interesting with its surface patterning and intricate shape.  I am apt to pull out the flowers before they grow too long. 

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