Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Day Trip with Johnson Coaches

On Saturday we went on our first Johnson Coach trip, being picked up from Kenilworth. We had flipped through the brochure, and David found something that he would like to go on, and said I was to treat him!

On the way out I snatched one of the books I received from the book pyramid scheme I had been on, and really enjoyed it, I just had to finish it in two days. I liked the book, and it was quite evocative of the countryside of Shropshire through which we were driving. I enjoyed the format too, which was very original, and I shall be looking for other books by this author.

Off we went for a day out on a preserved steam railway in Mid Wales, running from Llangollen along the Dee Valley. David loved his day, and I did too. Although it rained for our coach trip down, it cleared and we had good weather throughout the day.They had some super revamped train coaches and I particularly liked the autocoach, from which the views along the Dee Valley were superb. There were bluebells and primroses and lambs along the route.

I even had the cheek to call down to a loco parked by a bridge, asking the driver to open up his fire box, as I thought it would make a good picture. I think all the other photographers, men, had thought it too, but didn't have my cheek to ask.

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