Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New Shoes

Last Friday, we set out as soon as Mr S returned from work, to go forth and find some new shoes for me. Well not just shoes but something than would keep me upright and walking or cycling. I do get problems and when I am unwell, the pain can be dreadful. Mr S had been trying to get me to try something like a walking type of trainer and I had decided to try Lockwoods which is between Leamington and Warwick. I had spied this shop on one of our recent drives out, and had been looking out for it since having had it recommended to me by Warwick Sports Shop.

What a shop! It was really well stocked, but most of all the Service was very good. My feet, yes each one, was carefully measured, whilst I sat up high on a carpeted platform. It certainly made it easy for the fitters to measure, and check feet. After chatting at length, about my problems, needs and type of activities, various solutions were discussed. I was fitted out, with an excellent and very comfortable pair of comfortable shoes. The picture doesn't show the little bits of mango well, but I do have a nice pair of hand knitted shocks which matches well, and now I'll have to look out for nice yarns, to knit complementary socks.

On the way back, we celebrated with a nice drink by the canal in Warwick at the Cape of Good Hope. We caught the warmth of the evening sun at a bench by the canal and chatted with a nice couple, and the chap on the verge of retiring, was planning on visiting every pub in Warwick during his first couple of months. Hopefully we shall be able to read up about this. Well I did go on about how much I liked blogging, and explained that if I could do it, he could too, and he could take pictures of the pubs too. It was my friend Judith who encouraged me to start my blog before I left Swindon.

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