Monday, 20 April 2009

Giving away a shap shawl

A couple of days before Easter we agreed to go down to see Matthew and Veronica at Basingstoke. At Christmas when we went down last, Veronica admired my shap shawl and said how much she liked it and I asked what colours she liked, and said just the 'same as yours'.

I had balls left over, and having weighed my shawl and the balls, it seemed that I would have just enough. However because of the amounts of different colours, I had to knit a smaller centre square, but with a larger border. The shawl had been completed a few weeks previously, but now I had to wash and dress the shawl quickly.

On Good Friday, I woke up at 6 and started the process. I left the shawl to soak , but all the time, I washed and rinsed the shawl, so many emotions were stirred within my breast. I just loved this shawl, and the fact that I had so many qualms about whether I would have sufficient yarn, carefully leaving sufficient for the last lace edging. I had only 4 metres left! I loved it and just imagined having two complementary shawls, or even keeping the new one and giving Veronica the older one. However I got out my shap shawl and decided that that was the one for me. After all it had been lost and returned, and had succoured me over the last few year, somehow there was too much of me is associated with the first one.

Here is Veronica's shawl stretched with wires and drying in the conservatory

The yarn was hand spun and dyed by an unknown benefactor.

Here it is on the dining table just before our departure.

Through the Kenilworth WI, I have some kind and generous new friends. Pat Slessenger, who is a great knitter, sent me a Post Card of 'The Village Map' Alnmouth, with a Blessing. What was also amazing about this, is Alnmouth is one of our favourite places in Northumberland, and I had even seen this Millennium wall-hanging which was created by the village community hanging in the village hall.

I have another great knitting friend who also sends me wonderful post cards. The last one I received was one of a stained glass panel from Cragside in Northumberland. It brought back memories of our two visits there whilst staying in Alnmouth.

Coming back to the Shap Shawl, it has been given with love and I am so pleased that someone as lovely as my daughter in law will have something to tuck around shoulders, legs or feet, when comfort or warmth are needed.

Here is the Blessing from A Little Book of Celtic Blessings

Blessings for a Hand Made Garment

May you wear the garment to Shreds!
May you wear the garment to Tatters!
May you wear the garment
With food and music
In every place
As you would wish:
With health
With friends
With love
With the Grace of the Threefold Spirit

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  1. Veronica is a lucky girl! I love the blessing and will look out for the Little Book of Celtic Blessings.