Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Strawberry Pavlova

It looked marvellous, so I wanted to get the whole thing in, and so I look at the photograph, but it looks as if it is hanging off the wall!

I made this specially as Rita was coming over for lunch, and I know she has a very a very sweet tooth. We had a very healthy salad and one of my red onion, olive, red pepper and cheese breads, and the Pavlova to finish.

Mr S and I finished it off later that evening.....well Pavlova is best eaten the day it is made. This is made with the addition of a little cornflour and cider vinegar, which leaves the centre of the meringue soft and marshmallowey. I always think of my mother when I see Pavlova's, in Mauritius she would use all manner of luscious tropical fruits, and would often make them for friends' dinner parties.

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