Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Warm reunion

Last Saturday we met up again with the W Family. It seemed that it was the hottest day so far this year, and we just had to have the air conditioning on in the car on our way down to Chineham.

This was only the second time that Mr S was seeing our little Izabelle. What a change we saw. Its only about three weeks since I was last saw Izabelle, and it was a delight to see the whole family again. Both new Mum and Dad are settling down to the big change in their life, and looking happy and well.
After lunch of a nice chicken curry which I had taken, rice cooked by Matthew, and baby leaf salad grown and picked by Veronica, it was off to join the official opening of a circular walk going through some of the ancient woodlands of the area. Veronica and Matthew are volunteers and have put in a lot of work managing the woodland there. We met other volunteers, as well as the Mayor, and local MP.

Half way round I had to make a short detour home, as with the heat my feet were getting sore, and with the onset of blisters, I didn't feel I could complete the walk. The boys continued and when they got back, Matthew set up some emergency cooling. This was very much appreciated by everyone!

Even Izabelle dons the Chineham Conservation Group logo on her tee shirt! Here she is in her Green Chair watching the bee mobile.

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