Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Brioche bread and stitches

These little 'brioches' I made a couple of weeks ago, made mainly with pumpkin puree and just one egg and 50g of butter.  I made these in readiness for Veronica and Izzi coming to stay.  So these are breakfast buns with dried red fruits, baked in some lovely sturdy brioche tins which my sister Lizzie bought for me a few years ago.  The buns were a little on the large size, so will make 12 rather than 11 next time.  They freeze really well, so I keep them as a treat for Sunday breakfasts.  I added some Mace Spice and some of the Arome de Panettone from Bakery Bits.  I only call these brioches because they are in the brioche tins!  They are as light as brioches, and a healthier alternative perhaps.

 I like 'Associations', so when I had the opportunity to learn how to do 'brioche' stitch, you can guess, I just had to try.  It is such a complete departure from my usual very light and lacy scarves.  The fabric looks remarkably 'simple', but like a brioche bun with its fat and sugar and eggs, this stitch is complex and has far more behind it than what a first glance affords.  Also the colour of yarn I chose was almost 'pumpkin' which is why I posted this together with my pumkin brioches.  The weight is Aran, which is quite thick, and this one is Wool and Alpaca, so guaranteed to be really soft, cosy and warm.  I think it would suit either a woman or a man.  Maybe a scarf to share?

Here is my dilemma...I have too many scarves already, and I would like it to go to a good home.  I tentatively asked my daughter in law if she or my son may like it, but no.  I feel that if I ask any friends face to face, they may say yes so as not to hurt my feelings, but not really want it.  So I am offering this to a person, any person who would really like this, wear it, and enjoy it.  So if you would like it or know anyone who would like it, ask them to look at this, and decide.  I'd like to know why you want it.

Whilst I was knitting it, I thought of the patterns in fields of wheat, so maybe a farmer would like this, or even a miller.  I thought of the patterns in Japanese gardens, so maybe there is a gardener out there who needs keeping warm when doing their gardening in the depth of winter.  I thought of the patterns of mazes, I thought of the pattern left in the sand by receding waves, and thought of DaisyDebs whose blog I have enjoyed reading.

Don't be shy in 'claiming' the scarf.  It will be posted out when I have found the right recipient.

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