Monday, 11 August 2014

Rye and Raisin Cookies

Except for bread making, I don't use rye flour that much...but from now on this biscuit will be high on my list.  I used the light rye from Shipton Mill, but next time I shall use a wholegrain one for a change.  I made these a week ago, on the day our fence was being replaced,  in readiness for visitors that day, and family coming the next day.  There were also sufficient to be able to take a goodie bag next door to say thank you for having access to their garden for the work.

Another yes recipe from Dan Lepard Book Short and Sweet, and also available online from the Guardian.  Strangely each tray's biscuits looked a little different.  I made the biscuits smaller: 20g each as I would rather have two smaller biscuits than one large one.  I watched them carefully towards the end of the cooking time, and watched for the swelling of the raisins, and caught all of them scorching.

With the cocoa, they biscuits give the chocolate lovers their fix, and the raisins of course good quality ones to start off with, give a chewy rich note.  They kept well, I had thought they may have gone softer with the raisins but they were perfect and we even had a couple left each for Friday, with a drink after dinner.  As I had baked bread and also sugar buns, only four of those, I had not made pudding.

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