Monday, 18 August 2014

Pecan Butter Biscuits

On Friday I made biscuits.  I had just gone through my stash of nuts, and realised I had a large packet of one of my favourites: Pecan Nuts, which I wanted to use. From one of my books which I have not really used at all;  Exceptional Cakes by Dan Lepard and Richard Whittington, I found Pecan Butter Cookies.  Reading through the recipe, I thought it was fairly low on sugar:  350g plain flour, 300g butter, and only 60g sugar.  I scanned the internet for errata, or for anyone else who had made these but nothing came up.

I then turned to Short and Sweet, and again using the useful index from Pecan Nuts arrived at the Orange almond butter biscuits.  I made half the quantity with his suggestion of substituting pecans for the almonds.  I made then 20g each, but as they are fairly rich, well very rich and tasty and more the petitfour type of nibble to go with after dinner coffee, two needed...I would make then 15g each next time.

I love these and the orange zest works well too.  I think this would be a great treat to take to dinner at friends, or for Christmas.  I love the tossing in icing sugar as they cooled..a bit messy, but hey no one was looking!  And it was a reason to wash down everything on the counter afterwards.

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