Sunday, 10 July 2016

Billington's: another wonderful supplier of sugar for home bakers

I had been campaigning about cane sugar, and there is another cane sugar supplier providing good quality ingredients to homebakers in the UK.

I love Billington's too...and compared to the sparing information on Tate & Lyle's newly designed sugar packaging, which I have recently had cause to talk about, I think that on its packets Billington's is really singing its praises...and its sugars are well worth praising, and using.  For caster sugar: Billington's Golden Caster Sugar is my top favourite.

Made in Mauritius of course:

Perfect for Baking

I cannot add anything to what it says in the packet, except agree with it all!  This is only one of the types of Billington's Sugars in my cupboard.

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