Thursday, 14 July 2016

Pottering around Haworth

Its such a lovely every opportunity, we made sure that either on the way out, or the way back from walks, or just for a spot of lunch, shopping, or supper, we found time to walk up or down the main street of Haworth.  We had Sunday Lunch at the Fleece Inn, visited the Black Bull, and a couple of other hostelries..all very nice.

The tourist information office is right at the top of the hill, and after about five pm the street was completely quiet!

We used many of the local shops, and the newly opened organic shop provided us with some lovely sourdough rye bread, and I came away withe some provisions for my home baking too!  Well those are my favourite souvenirs...

There was everywhere beautiful views of the rolling hills, and it was worth having a little look down some back alleys!

There were lovely planters and hanging baskets, and great windows to do window shopping..which is why we then spent further moments visiting the shops.

In Daisy Days I found a lovely coat, a sort of mid season coat in bright Irish woven wool by Avoca!  The assistant was really friendly, and when I asked to take some pictures, she was most accommodating. There were some lovely British Artisan made items...but the assistant was quite surprised when I showed her my hand knit West Yorkshire Spinners Socks, after she asked if I would like to but some Yorkshire Wool Socks.  They were machine knitted, and some were from the exact same yarn as mine!

I loved these clocks....I think I am going to have to add one of these to my wish list!

There were lots of other lovely craft and art shops.....

Its well worth popping into the Tourist Information Centre, though our apartment had every leaflet and map you could wish for.  We enjoyed a self guided walk around the Village, and was pleased to find a beautiful old Farmhouse right in the Village.

Of course we visited the Bronte Parsonage, the Church, spent a day on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, and walked the Railway Children Walks to Oxenhope and to Oakworth.  Mr S  loves both the Railways Children Films, and had not long finished reading the book too!

 Perks' cottage

Three Chimneys

Even if you have never heard of the Railway Children, the circular walks take you through lovely peaceful countryside with abandoned cottages, streams and beautiful skies.

At Oxenhope Station, we had a rest on the platform, enjoying tea and cake, and admiring the steam train, and lovely planters which the local guides are looking after.

On a late afternoon walk we tried but failed to get to the Bronte Waterfalls...we are sure to compensation we came across this lovely area of orchids on the road side just above Lower Laithe Reservoir.  By the time we got to the Reservoir we felt a little too tired after our visit to Cliffe Castle, so turned back from there.  Next time this would be a day walk with packed lunch, books, etc!

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