Tuesday, 29 August 2017

In a Vase - All credit and thanks to a fellow IAVOM friend

Its not Monday, its not a vase, and the flowers are not from my garden.  However they are lovely and deserve a post.  Through the In a Vase on Monday group devised, hosted, and led by Cathy, I have met a fellow enthusiastic lover of gardening, and this is the bunch of flowers brought by Alison C when she came round to view the garden on Friday.  I am sure many have posted and linked to Cathy's Post this week, so do go and see what others have come up with.

As I knew Alison was coming with a cutting from a variegated sedum like Autumn Joy: Sedum Autumn Charm, this bouquet was a lovely surprise, and I just grabbed one of the storage jars on the kitchen counter.  The additional bonus was that in this, were stems of  weigela, another shrub which is growing beautifully in Alison's garden. As I write this on Tuesday, the weigela stems are already trimmed and potted up in compost to hopefully yield little shrubs for planting out next spring.


  1. Hehe, I'm glad they still look good and well done for taking cuttings too! You've reminded me that it's time to go out and take hardwood cuttings so I'll see what I can find. x

  2. Oh what a lovely bouquet from a blogging friend. Most considerate of Alison to include cutting material :)