Monday, 7 August 2017

New Pelargonium

Last week, we visited Stourhead.  This National Interest property has a superb garden.  Of particular interest to me was the Geranium House.   Sir Richard Colt Hoare was an avid collector and loved pelargoniums.  I find the species plants charming and some have wonderful form...the leaves and their arrangement, their colouring and shape are so varied.

I am in a restraining chose just one of the many species plants on offer at the very good shop to bring home with me.  I love the foliage  it is much divided and almost fern like, ranging from bright acid green in the younger leaves to older one having purple tones.    Here is my new plant: 
Pelargonium myrrhifolium v coriandrifolius, though the plant label read Geranium coriandrifolium.  

It originates from the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

As soon as there is a flower, I'll add a picture.

Just in case you want to read more and find sources leading to more about Pelargoniums, you really must try Pellynut's site.

The other species Pelargonium currently in the conservatory is Pelargonium sidoides...of which I have now two newly rooted cuttings.  I love the round grey leaves and the purple flowers just keep on growing on the same stalk!


  1. Lovely foliage on that Geranium coriandrifolium.

    1. That's what attracted me...I also find the way the foliage falls away from the stem quite different from many other pelargoniums

  2. I took the plunge this spring and purchased some young scented leafed pelargoniums now all I need is a pelargonium house!

    1. Knowing you Brian, you will already have one in the planning!