Saturday, 4 January 2014

Big Birthday

Mr S treated me wonderfully...I had tea in bed, with a beautifully designed schedule of what lay in wait for me during the day, then breakfast with balloon and banner, and enjoy and claim later in the year...and mid morning there was knock at the door, and this was delivered...Mr S wanted to remind me of my roots, and tropical flowers were just the thing...All of them grew in the garden in Mauritius except for two small yellow fruit in middle, are they edible? 

And for a big birthday, a little cake

I was treated to a lovely dinner cooked and presented by Mr S...I felt loved and cherished, thank you.


  1. Oh what a sweet husband you have ! Your garden looks so pretty and with those David Austin roses will almost certainly be heavenly perfumed too ! The snowdrops are out here in Cornwall and we noticed some daffodils today too ...soon will be Spring..soon will be spring....

  2. Ah, Snowdrops, the first sign that Spring is on its way....