Saturday, 4 January 2014

Present to myself

I hope I am not the only one who buys themselves a Christmas Present.  Its such fun, I know just what will bring the greatest of pleasures for myself,  something which I can share with others, and may in time put in a public appearance at the local gardening show....

...its taken me maybe three months to choose, maybe I ought to have bought them earlier....but no it does say that bare rooted plants can be planted up to March.  The season has been mild, and I have gradually shifted things around the garden to make way for them....

Roses, roses, roses....

I was extravagant, life's getting shorter, why wait?

Seven plants arrived, tightly packed.  I read the instructions and followed them...but they did not give the tip: do not cut the string which binds your plants until after you have put them in a bucket of water...they sprung apart, and it was hard to get them all to steep in the same water.

I took no pictures of the plants, but remember well rushing between rain storms to get them planted.  One climber is to go where I was digging out the was greater than me, and I had put that rose in a temporary position. 

Mr S felt quite sorry for me when he say me knee deep in a hole trying to get the stump has huge roots.  He was going to get it out for me...but since then someone else has done the job.  During the high winds one of our fence posts finally left it rotten stump, and our local fence repairer came out and gave it a concrete 'godfather' fence footing, and he also dug up both the wisterias...Hurrah!  He had all the right tools and took the stumps away too, and I do not have loads of muddy clothes and shoes and boots to clean!

Roses all from David Austin:  Munstead Wood, Gertrude Jekyll, A Shropshire Lad, St Swithun ( will the rain that fell the day I planted this bush continue for forty days, it feels like it will), Princess Anne, Crown Princess Margareta, and Claire Austen.  I've linked these to the David Austin site as I just wanted to have peep again of the delights which await me.  I am already lucky enough to have several roses in my garden which I love to cut to bring into the house.

On one of our walks down the garden, Izzi asked me what the sticks were, and I said rose bushes.  She asked if there were pink ones, and I said yes.  It will be only a few months before we walk down the garden together to see how they are doing and admire their flowers, and I hope she also likes the red, white and apricot ones too !

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