Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Knitted Shawl

Usually I write about my knitting projects on Ravelry.  This is a wonderful site for knitters, as one can write all sorts of details about projects, and also view other comments on similar projects by other knitters.  I had my eye on the Color Affection design for months and months, and finally bought the pattern, downloaded and printed it.

Usually I pick a complicated shawl pattern, one which means that nearly every stitch had to be counted, and which is not easy at all to pick up if you are trying to do other things like watching a complicated plot on TV, or trying to be interested in another person's conversation and making appropriate comments.  A frequent reply to hubby, is COUNTING!  They an apology at the end of the row!

In November I went on a WI workshop day and learned a simple but very effective technique called German Short Row Shaping, on a garter stitch scarf/shawl.  For non knitters, garter stitch is the first stitch that new knitters learn.  The scarf was pretty and made the most of the variegated yarn.  This type of yarn is 'pre-printed' with changing colours.  Something which I could very nearly knit in my sleep!

I gave this away to my daughter in law for her Christmas Present, and it matches one of her coats very nicely.  She has had a very pretty lacy scarf in a much more luxurious yarn previously!

It took me several days of looking at  colour combinations and drawing on my pictures for inspiration, and searching the internet for possible yarns, to such an extent that I started to wake up in the middle of the night with this question on my mind.  At the very best this is probably an indication that I have nothing more worrying on my mind or in my life, the very worst it is sad that I was loosing sleep...

Since I have been trying to declutter: giving away bits and pieces, I put my foot down, and decided to get all my stash out, and told myself to choose something from this.

RESOLUTION: I am not going to buy any further yarn, without a specific pattern and without the intention of knitting it up within the following six months.

I found three colours in a similar weight, that is thickness, and have made a start.  One in a pale lilac which is a colour I have worn for many years, which I have had for many years, and two further hanks which I have had for at least four years or more! All three yarns are lovely and soft in a silk and wool blend.

 It took me an evening just to rewind the hanks into cakes, using my wool winder and lovely wooden swift...

This is where I am now....

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