Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January Harvest

I have a little chilli plant, which has been working its socks off....

Last year when I needed some chillies for a chutney.  I usually buy a small bag, use half and then throw away the rest when I find them mouldering away in a little bag at the bottom on the fridge.

There always used to be a plant or two growing out by the back of the kitchen when I was small, and often the red ones used to just disappear.  I used to wonder whether the birds ate them, until I asked one of our gardeners, and with a cheeky smile, he said they went on their lunches, bowls of rice and veg and bean curry, which they used to heat up on the gas ring on the outside verandah.

This time, however my eyes caught site of plant in Waitrose.  Ever since June last year it has been bountiful in its produce and it was a cheery and bright decoration over Christmas in the conservatory.  Its crop has been such that several friends have had some, and I even found 'Mr Matthews', the very polite street sweeper from Kenilworth to give him a bagful.  Mr Matthews has kept our shopping street in tip top condition.  I made sure that last year before I resigned as Chairman of Kenilworth in Bloom that he was given due mention for the work he does including removing any litter from our great tubs.

So, even though its over seven years since I left my  allotment  in Swindon, I can still enjoy a little harvest, and share with friends.  If there are any in September this coming year, I may enter our local gardening competition!

During the last couple of weeks, I have noticed small leaves uncurling, and flower buds appearing.  Time to remove the last of the chillies....

Here's looking forward to the new season's growth...but I've had to keep an eye on the greenfly, squashing them, to keep them in check.  The plant gets moved between the conservatory and the kitchen windowsill depending on the temperature.

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