Saturday, 6 September 2014

Day out to Hawes

We had planned one day out on the Road during our stay at Gunnerside, on the way to Hawes we had a small detour to view the waterfall which is just behind the Green Dragon.  It had been very dry in the Dales, so I guess we saw Hardraw Force at its meakest.

You have to go through the Green Dragon Pub and pay a fee, then it is a short walk along the stream with woods and ferns along the way.  It was market day in Hawes and later we returned to have a very nice lunch and some beer at the Green Dragon.

At Hawes, being market day, it was packed, so we parked close by the Museum, and decided to go it.  It well worth visiting.  The old Railway Station including some coaches have been adapted to house some interesting Exhibitions.  Of course I spent some time looking at their knitting sticks and learning more about the Dales Knitting traditions.

Another very unusual tradition leaving a couple of really beautiful artifacts for us to enjoy a century or more later is that of giving out funeral cakes.

I fell in love with the stamp, and straight away wondered whether they would be any copies for sale in the shop.  Wouldn't it be just the perfect thing for some local artisans to make to sell for bakers or as a really good souvenir?  It could even be made in pottery or in glass, along with a well proven recipe? If anyone out there is a carver and is interested, I would be happy to hear from them.

At Hawes market, we visited the indoors section and I found some great sock knitting yarn being sold by the Knitting Basket.  Its local and spun by West Yorkshire Spinners, called Signature 4 ply..Hurrah for local produce.  As I had just finished knitting my pair of green socks, I started to knit up some with this new yarn, so knew I would want some more.  I knitted on the way home and had got this far by the end of the holiday.

A couple of days later we returned to Hawes to pick up some provisions and I called into the the Knitting Shop and picked up a couple more balls of the yarn

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