Saturday, 6 September 2014

Visit to Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Shop

This holiday to Yorkshire was full of glorious things, and for me one the many special moments was a visit to the Wensleydale Long Wool Sheep Shop.  I left D having a little rest in the car, and knowing he would probably nod off, I felt that I did not have to rush at all.

My love of this yarn started many many years ago, and the first sweater I knitted in this yarn was worn till the elbow were smooth and thin, and finally was cut up and used as a cover for my wormery last year, and has been completely assimilated into compost by now.  I have a lovely new jumper which I knitted up last year, and really felt I needed to have the wool for the next one already in my stash.

There were a few new colours and my eye was drawn to their new one to celebrate the Tour de France.

Ann was quite content to wait whilst I looked around further.

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