Monday, 8 September 2014

Souvenirs of a delightful Yorkshire Holiday

We don't do much for either Christmas or Birthday presents, but I do put a little cash in my purse, and look out for treats for myself when on holiday.  Perhaps it is because I do not venture far and do much browsing type shopping when at home, or do not invest much time to that activity, but when I go on holiday sometimes even D spots something which will tickle my fancy.

Lots of wool, and a few other bits and bobs....

a set of heart shaped biscuit cutters, but I would have loved a wooden cake press!

A pair of socks now completed from local yarn, and my little piece of rock from Gunnerside Valley.  The colours will remind me of the heather and rocks.

This pair of socks with wool bought on our Frome Holiday, were finished during this holiday, and were carried around ready to find a place to pose them amongst the ferns, but it had to wait till we got home and here there are with one of my ferns in the lovely little pot found by Penny, and my piece of Yorkshire rock.

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  1. I do love that shade of blue, very pretty and that yellow will look lovely on you.