Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Holiday Reading

We had the most wonderful dog, pretty, intelligent, loving..its just over 7 years since she died.  We loved her to bits, and still have reminders of her around the place.

At first anything doggy would bring tears to my eyes, but now I remember all the happy exploits, foibles and games we had.  I started this blog after we lost her, so there is nothing I can lead you back to, but then maybe with all the walks, I would not have had sufficient time to start a blog.

One of the books which D borrowed from the library and which I read  on holiday was Edward Stourton's Diary of a Dog Walker.  It was very entertaining and reminded me of the many of the aspects of having a dog.  The book is due back to the library today.

Its so amusing and well written, that I have already bought a copy, to give as a present.

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